Luigi Ferrini (president)

Luigi Ferrini won the first two editions of the Gioco Inedito in the 1990s. He wanted to score a hat-trick and take home the Rimet Cup, but they prevented him from doing so by putting him in charge of the jury. Luigi Ferrini has published many other games, the most famous of which are “The Golden Ages”, “Zagor: OdisseaAmericana” and “Ensemble”. Luigi Ferrini is handsome, intelligent and sensitive, with refined tastes and an incomparable elegance. He has the defect that when he is asked to write his own biographical notes, he tends to take a bit of advantage of this.

Daniele Boschi (coordinator)

Daniele Boschi cooperates with the Festival since Lucca Games started. He is a member of the Gioco Inedito’s Jury since its foundation and loves testing prototypes. To live, he works as a regulatory consultant for healthcare companies, trying to dedicate his spare time to play boardgames from his collection with his family.

Silvia Ceccarelli

Silvia is Lucca Comics & Games program manager for Kids and Fantasy contents. Her professional life started with theatre games, went on with pedagogic games up to edutainment and gamification worlds. She coordinates game based learning activities for social change and organizes talent scouting contests for young illustrators and storytellers. As every event manager she cannot resist a good management game or videogame but she is also into roleplay games, in particular The Call of Cthulhu.

Domenico Di Giorgio

Domenico is a puzzle game designer (for magazines like La Settimana Enigmistica, I Giochi di Sorrisi e Canzoni, Corriere Enigmistica), author of books on games and gaming techniques for education (for example Kéiron: gioco e formazione. Didattica divertente e training efficace, Meridiana 2012, edited by Marco Donadoni) and also creator of gamebooks (for example Facchetti celo, Giubertoni manca!, Qualitygame 1996). He is founder and editorial director of “GiocAreA”, “Un’Altra Cosa” and “GiocAreA On Line” magazines and above all he directs the DV Games / daVinci Games publishing house. For DV Games he also developed games as BANG!, Viva il Re! and Beetlez and he is author of Lupus in Tabula (2001), Abracadabra (with Roberta Barletta), Lupusburg (2009) and La vendetta della Lupa Mannara (2011, with Andrés J. Voicu). He has been curator of Lucca Comics & Games GiocoInedito contest since 2004.

Andrea Guerrieri

Andrea works as graphic designer and freelance illustrator for companies like Piemme, Pearson, Mondadori, Audible and he was selected several times for Lucca Junior collective exhibitions. He started getting into tabletop games as a teenager and he cannot quit anymore. Roleplaying games are his first love (he also collaborated on the OnStage! Manuale del Regista), but now he is an omnivorous gamer with a special taste for gateway and cooperative games. In 2010 he won the GiocoInedito contest with Kaboom! as co-author and illustrator. He has taken care of layout design and illustration of every GiocoInedito game since 2013.

Andrea Parrella

Andrea was born in 1981 and his gaming life started while he was attending secondary school, with Fantasy Football, RisiKo! and Star Wars RpG. Year by year this passion led him to Lucca Comics & Games, starting a collaboration that soon became his job. He is currently the Head of Sales of Lucca Crea, taking care of Investor Relations with Marketing purposes, but he also keeps organizing activities and events with gaming association LudoLega Lucchese, such as the Blood Bowl World Cup in 2015. Besides, in his spare time he always finds a moment to play a good tabletop game!

Barbara Rol

Barbara Rol is responsible for the marketing and communication department at DV Games. For over a decade, games have been a constant in her days, from her working hours to free-time. If you open the trunk of her car, you’ll find at least a couple bags overflowing with board games, from medium-weight “euro-style” games to party games and family-friendly filler games: because it’s always a good time to play, and you have to be prepared!

Silvano Sorrentino

Silvano was born in Bari in 1974. He invented his first games during primary school to enjoy them with his schoolmates. His main inspirations were the tabletop games he played at his friends’ houses. In 1998 he discovered a glorious games magazine called “GiocAreA” and decided to send them some articles and an unpublished game. This magazine had a short life but succeeded in creating a solid group of people: the same people that, in 2001, decided to found DV Games. He is also a puzzle game creator for many magazines (such as Focus, il Sole 24 Ore, Wired…) and co-creator of the italian series of pocket escape room games, Deckscape, with millions of sold copies in three years.


A good jury can not exist without a team of precious playtesters, a team that worked hard since the arrival of prototypes, a team that played every single game to give their review to the jury. Here is a list, not complete, of the playtesters: Gaia Barbaglio, Roberta Barletta, Luca Celli, Stefano Cultrera, Matteo, Andrea e Leonardo Di Giorgio, Giordano Di Pietro, Gabriele Falcioni, Serena Ferretti, Mirko Falchetti, Millo Franzoni, Paola Lamberti, Lorenzo Latella, Stefano Parducci, Andrea Romani, Sonia Rossi, Andrés J. Voicu.