I have heard about the Gioco Inedito Game Design Contest for the best new card game design. Where can I find the participation details?

All information about the contest can be found in the announcement that is published annually on the website https://www.giocoinedito.com/

The prototype has to be linked to the main theme of the contest. What does it mean?

Each edition of the contest is tied to a main theme, and the prototypes must adhere to it. For the keyword or group of words is not specified a particular explanation, so each game designer can develop the main theme in the meaning he or she prefers. The jury of the contest that decides the theme, will also establish whether it has been well integrated into each of the prototypes.

For example, the theme “Venti” was chosen for the Gioco Inedito 2023 Game Design Contest. In Italian, the term “venti” has two meanings mainly: it can mean the number “20”, or it can indicate the weather event of wind. Thus, prototypes having to do with the number twenty (a group of people/objects, anniversaries, a twentieth birthday) or with the atmospheric element of wind are accepted; and so on for any acceptable definition of the Italian “Venti”.

Is high production quality required for the two decks of cards that have to be produced and sent?

There is no specific printing technique required for participation in the contest. The game designer may print and cut out the cards with a home printer. It remains a necessary condition for the proper evaluation of the prototype that the cards are printed and cut out properly, and not damaged during printing, production and transportation, including ink smudges or fading and anything that may lead to the incorrect understanding of the elements shown on each individual card.

What is meant by “create games that may be expanded”?

“Expandability” means the eventual possibility for the publisher DV Games to work with the game designer on the creation and publication of an expansion of the contest-winning game.

What is meant by “standard pawns”?

“Standard pawns” are defined as those that are easily available in terms of production. Thus, detailed or non-standard pawns are excluded. As examples, cubes, meeples, and tokens are accepted.

What is meant by “standard dice”?

“Standard dice” does not exclusively mean the six-sided dice. As with pawns, however, detailed or non-standard dice are not accepted. Examples accepted are D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 standard with numbers; D6 with dots; D6 with six different colors (not selectable in advance).

How many copies of the winning game will be printed for the first edition?

The first edition is printed in 1.000 copies.

How is the game sold?

The winning-game is published by DV Games, and will be sold during Lucca Comics & Games, in Lucca Comics & Games branded channels (e.g. booths at other fairs) and on the publisher’s website. In case of need, Lucca Crea reserves the right to sign distribution agreements for the game.

Are there any arrangements with the game designer of the winning-game for further editions after the first one?

Yes, there are. If the publisher DV Games deems in its interest to publish a new edition of the game, it will be its responsibility to contact the game designer and sign a new contract for the production of the new print edition, if the agreement signed for the 1,000 copies produced for Lucca Comics & Games does not already provide for this option. DV Games, as a contest partner, holds a three-year exclusive to acquire publishing rights to the winning-game; normally this acquisition is concurrent with the contest copy agreement.

Do the prototypes that participate in the contest have contractual obligations with the organization? That is, once the contest is over, do they revert to being prototypes owned exclusively by the game designer? So they can be proposed to other publishers?

Prototypes must be unpublished and thus not have been submitted to other contests or publishers until the end of the contest. At the time of the official announcement of the winner, all submitted prototypes may be disposed of by their respective game designer in the ways they prefer (submitted to other competitions/publishers; published online or other).

I would like to hand deliver my prototype. Where and when can I do that?

Game designers can hand-deliver their prototypes by the deadline specified in the announcement by presenting themselves at the LUCCA CREA office (Corso Garibaldi, 53 – Lucca), Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.